Tales of the Queen

A collection of bilingual children’s books which brings the Panamanian culture to light and shares it with the entire world! The stories told through generations will entertain, educate and inspire the youngest in your family. Brief, fresh, original and fun-filled tales that promote habitual reading and are an excellent language-learning tool.
With Tales of the Queen, the kids will become immersed into a world of fantasy through reading and be taken on a visual trip to Panama with its beautiful handmade illustrations and fun audiobooks, as well as songs that will be sure to get the whole family up to dance and sing!

These bilingual books, including an audiobook and a song, are available in two versions:

Spanish-English and Spanish-German.

The first book of the series

On the tropical sunny fields of Panama, a cunning rabbit and an angry tiger live a funny adventure that teaches us that being happy is the best choice.

Tiger is not willing to share his juicy watermelons that he planted and took care of all by himself with anybody! But, the cunning Rabbit will try to find a way to get hold of them no matter what it takes. Will he succeed?

A book created to fill the kids´ hearts with joy and convey several morals in a unique, fun and appropriate manner. Lessons that will joyfully contribute to the development of your child and teach them valuable lessons to go out into the world with a positive attitude and intelligence.

Tiger, Rabbit and the wax doll: a fun story for children that encourages creativity, language learning and imagination through fantasy.

Brinca Brinca

Jump Jump

Listen here to the book’s song or download it for free!
Brinca, brinca
Jump, jump
Hüpfen, springen

About it's creators

Somewhere in the countryside of Panama, in a lovely, humble cottage, an ingenious granny tells folk tales to her grandchildren which were passed down to her by her grandparents. These stories are part of a folk culture legacy whose origins date back over 170 years. Today, her granddaughter Rosario publishes these tales as homage to her so that all the children in the world can also enjoy the amusing adventures of a rabbit, a tiger, a toad, an owl and many other fun characters who will take them on a trip to Panama.

Delia, transported by the magic of these tales, drew and hand painted the illustrations which brought the characters to life. She created a colorful fantasy scene through the use of watercolors while staying true to the authenticity of the author’s fondest childhood.

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